The Top 3 Benefits of Tree Trimming

Maintaining the entire landscape of your property can be time-consuming and involve some arduous work. Sometimes homeowners owners make sacrifices when it comes to tree work to avoid more difficult and tedious tasks. But it’s especially important that tree trimming is always on your to-do list when it comes to yard maintaining! Check out the… Read more »

4 Small Ways You Can Help Forest Conservation Efforts

Forest and Wildlife Conservation in Maui

Most of us grew up learning about the importance of caring for our environment and how the way we treat the earth will impact our future. You’re also probably aware of how forests in particular are crucial to the health of the earth and of humanity. In case you need a reminder, forests are made… Read more »

The Dangers of Self Tree Removal

Dangers of self tree removal

When it comes to tree removal of unruly or damaged trees on your property, probably your first instinct is to take care of it yourself. You might be thinking you’ll save some money and brush up on your handyman skills with no hassle. After all, tree removal is a fairly simple process, right? Climb a… Read more »

Where the Wild Things Roam…

Traveling on Minsk motorcycle through Vietnam.

I am often asked if I’m afraid when traveling to wild places around the world… ​My biggest fear, I tell them, is to live with the illusion of security and miss out on life itself. The mindset that has brought me to the Amazon jungle again and again to seek out the great mysteries that… Read more »

Maui Upcountry… turn a problem into a solution!

Maui’s Eucalyptus Blue-Gum are dying… can this be a step towards Native reforestation?! Maui is a lush tropical paradise of splendor and beauty amongst which are some of the most rare and endemic plant species on Earth. Even though it’s located in the most remote archipelago of the planet, the island has been through a… Read more »